Hawaii Earthquake DamageOver the last two centuries, Hawaii Island has been struck by several destructive earthquakes. In 2006, a major eathquake (magnitude 6.7) occurred deep beneath the northwest coast near Kiholo Bay resulting in an estimated $200 million in damage on the island.


Earthquakes cause destruction and loss of life by intense shaking. Knowing what to do could save your life.

If you are INDOORS during an earthquake, stay there!

  • Move quickly to a safe location, an inside corner of the room or under a strong table.
  • Stay away from glass, windows, outside doors, and anything that could fall.
  • DROP to the floor, COVER your head, HOLD ON and stay inside until the shaking stops. Most deaths and injuries occur when people inside buildings rush outside and are struck by falling debris.

If your are OUTDOORS during and earthquake, stay there!

  • Move to an open area away from buildings, utlity lines, and trees.
  • If you are driving, slow down and stop on the side of the road, but not under a bridge, overpass, power lines, trees, or large signs. Stay in your car.

Mountainous areas/slopes/cliffs:

  • Be alert for falling rocks and debris.


  • Move quickly to higher ground or several hundred yards inland. A local tsunami could strike.
  • Make sure you know what to do in an earthquake!

NOAA Weather Radio – a potential lifesaver: